Ecological engineering
O.G.E. Ecological engineering

Ecological engineering : Soft technologies based on natural processes

The aim of ecological engineering is the preservation and development of biodiversity through actions tailored to specific ecosystems and/or species. The work and protocols involved require soft technologies based on natural processes. An ecological diagnosis is necessary to target and map out the technical actions that must be performed.

From the start, ecological engineering has been at the heart of what O.G.E. does. It involves skills in areas such as management, maintenance, restoration and habitat creation. Restoring the function and flow of complex ecological systems is always a challenge, and caution is needed when actions affect the living world.

We are fully compliant with AFNOR standard NF X10-900. This norm, which is based on international standards, sets out the methodology to be applied to projects involving environmental protection and the development of natural habitats, particularly those in wetlands and waterways.