Ecological expertise
Ecological expertise - O.G.E.

On the basis of an on-site inventory, we can ascertain a site's ecological quality.

Depending on the client's needs, this inventory can be more or less detailed. Inventories can be performed in the following areas, in function of each species' ecological calendar : 

Ecological expertise
  • Botany (plants) and phytosociology (habitats)
  • Ornithology (birds)
  • Mammalogy including Chiroptera (bats)
  • Herpetology (amphibians and reptiles)
  • Entomology (insects)
  • Malacology (molluscs)
  • Ichthyology (fish)
  • Astacology (crayfish) 
Expertise may also involve determining the existence of wetlands in line with regulations, or defining the biological quality of waterways.