About O.G.E.
O.G.E. (Office de Génie Écologique) is an independent environmental consultancy

O.G.E. (Office de Génie Écologique) is an independent environmental consultancy

O.G.E. was set up in 1990. Our experienced team of botanists, cartographers and faunal experts provide a wide range of services – diagnostics, inventories, regulatory studies, ecological engineering and project management assistance – to clients in both the public and private sectors. We can assist with scientific research programmes and training sessions on plant and animal ecology and other environmental topics.

Our areas of expertise include habitat maintenance and restoration, endangered plant and animal species, environmental impact assessments, ecological management planning for urban parks and nature reserves, mitigation and offsetting, and research into biodiversity. We take a customised approach, and can provide "express" assessments, in-depth impact assessments, and studies as provided for under the EU's Habitats Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC).

O.G.E. is happy to share its experience and know-how through conferences, training sessions and scientific publications, while helping to further applied ecological research.

O.G.E.'s scope is not limited to France. Our international efforts include an ecotourism project in the United Arab Emirates, a number of projects in Algeria (including a recovery plan, re-introduction of endangered species, a tourist centre and technical conferences), training sessions and conferences in Morocco, Spain, the US and Canada, and garden design in China.

Under the aegis of the UNDP's Capacity 21 Programme, O.G.E. has also worked in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Djibouti.

From the beginning, our watchwords have been independence, objectivity and a sound scientific approach, and this has been rewarded with certification by the French engineering qualification body OPQIBI.