Green and blue grid
Green and blue grid is the result of the Grenelle II environmental summit

The goal of ''green and blue grid'' is to preserve the natural setting as a whole

Trame verte et bleue

The “green and blue grid” initiative, which came out of the Grenelle II Environmental Roundtable, offers a new approach to environmental protection. Policies covering protected area conservation and implementation of natural habitat management have some limitations. The source of these limits is the loss in quality of ecological continuity that underpins ecosystem functionality. The goal of the green and blue grid is to describe the various elements that make up ecological continuities, and then to either maintain them or reinstate a network for preserving the natural setting as a whole.

Since 1991, O.G.E. has worked as part of this framework, carrying out studies on the ecological continuities of various species, particularly large mammals, insects and amphibians in contrasting settings. These include studies of shifts in spatial organisation of stag populations in open landscapes, herbaceous continuities in both intensive agricultural and urbanised zones, networks of old-growth trees in agro-systems and in cities, and waterway continuities, among others.